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Joseph Gomez - your Tour Guide...

My name is Joseph Gomez and I was born in a village called Lamin in the Kombo St. Mary's area of the Gambia. I'm brought up in the urban area of Serrekunda, I'm the first son of the family and have 3 younger brothers and 4 younger sisters. My family is staying at Lamin, and I'm currently living in Serrekunda.

My interests are much like any other person ranging from adventure, watching and playing soccer, making friends, be with my family and around friends, building lasting relationships with people, just to name a few.

I work as a tourist guide mostly from/at Kololi Beach, Senegambia, the Tourism Development Area. A tourist guide, tour or travel guide in the Gambia is someone who takes (a group of) tourists on a trip, explaining the historic value of places and showing some of nature's beauty. Further telling about the traditional ways according to which the particular societies we visit live and taking care of transport among other things you may run into, traveling through the Gambia.

Being my client comes along with numerous benefits.

I have a vast experience in handling tours and tourists that come to the Gambia as I have been a tour guide for more than 8 years. I've taken tourists on sight seeing, history visits, wildlife tours, boat trips and to heritage sites, helped them exploring cities and pay visits to small authentic villages in the length and breadth of my country and abroad. My ability to make a trip a successful one depends largely on my ability to socialise with people rapidly, easily making friends. It's an added advantage and has been an important part of what has made me successful all these years.

Your Tourist Guide in the GambiaTotally taken care of
You are totally taken care of and you are hassle free from others without your consent of wanting to socialise. Other benefits include; because of the fact that we want to learn and also have some fun along the line its always entertaining to move as a group as it can make the experience a memorable one, not just for you, but for me too as I keep on learning everyday from every trip I take tourists on. You don't have to worry about unpleasant surprises or transportation and unclear prices which could be the case when traveling on your own: e.g. what's included? fuel? return trip? extra charge for evenings? etc. Don't worry! I'll come to the rescue. Of course I can show you nice places where we can eat and drink, tell you about the things we see and guide you along obstacles.

I speak English as an official language and three other local languages, spoken in the Gambia. Hope to see or hear from you soon!

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